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Andres Gimenez is a Filmmaker/Creative born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Andres is based in the United States, floating between Florida & California producing films, events & other creative endeavors alike.

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Produced, Directed, or Edited 

by Andres Gimenez.

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"The Death of Brither Wombatt" tells the story of a painter who has met his psychological end. In his search for sanity he might find more than himself.

Shot in San Francisco, CA. Directed, Produced & Edited by Andres Gimenez. Set to release late 2022 in select venues.

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"I Care About Your Mailbox" follows Frey; a young mailbox enthusiast.


Shot in Miami, FL Directed & Edited by Andres Gimenez.

"Michael, Before The Pepsi Incident" Follows Angel, a Michael Jackson Street performer with a heart of gold & his sights set on being a star.

Shot in Miami, FL & Directed, Produced & Edited by Andres Gimenez. Set to release late 2022 in select venues.

"Woman Who Blooms At Night" tells the story of Eve, a young indigenous woman reclaiming her roots while managing to exact revenge on her abusive partner.

Shot in Temecula, CA on reclaimed Payomkawish territory. Produced By Andres Gimenez.

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"IN THESE STREETS" a music video for Miami Based Artist; Puku follows Puku throughout a night of misshaped misbehavior. 

Produced By Andres Gimenez


"The Night it Rained" is about a young man who has to go to extreme lengths to raise money for his tuition.

Shot in San Francisco, CA Produced By Andres Gimenez.

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"PLAY is music video for Miami Locals; Paperwater." Filmed at the Faena Forum while the duo was in residency.


Shot in Miami, FL Directed, Produced & Edited by Andres Gimenez.


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